Friday, 30 November 2012

Another Quicky

I'm coming to the end of the Photojournalist project I've been working on so starting to edit my final images. Admittedly I still have one shoot I need to do but that's all planned.

I showed you one edit yesterday, of the sign. Today I have some trees for you.

The original.

The edited version.

I've made the crop much tighter on this image as I think it looks quite sparce in the frame otherwise and I've given the reds a push to make the leaves more vibrant. I much prefer the second version of the image. 

This afternoon I'm off to the University's annual Tea Dance, photographing for Space again. I'm really rather excited. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Only A Little Edit

I'm taking a break from doing my essay. I think I deserve it, I've written a full 88 words so far... yeah that's how long the title is. I hate essays. However after this post I am going to try my very bestest to do it.

First though, I've had a little play with Photoshop. Only a tiny tiny play with photoshop because I don't actually like photoshop (yes it was a distraction).

The original

The edited version

What do you think? I think I prefer the edited version but I'm not sure... The only real difference is a bit of desaturation in the grass, a small pushing of the blacks in levels and the tiniest of crops.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hesters Way, Take Two/Three

Do you remember my first shoot at Hesters Way? The one that went a bit wrong and was really rubbish? No, well you should see it here. I've been back twice since then, one of those times I didn't have my laptop so you'll just have to have two updates at once about this project.


The depth of field on this image makes the patch of grass in the background seem very large and empty.

Slightly underexposed but that's why I like this one as it starts to look over the estate. 

Gunna take my flashgun back with me to get this shot again, make the colours "pop".

If I slightly crop in to this shot I think it will be better as I'll make it more symmetrical.

This photo isn't very good but I have to go back and take my flash gun with me to get a photo of the trolleys a bit closer up.


You can't really see it in this photo but in the top left windows of this house there is a line of knitted dolls. I used to have a clown made just like these. 

It's wonky but I like it and with a little straightening I think it will be fine. 

I really like the way the sign stands out here without the use of flash because of the white line surrounding it.

How warm and autumny do these trees make this shot? I think the colours are lovely. 

Now I just have to find time to go back with my flashgun.. and a bodyguard.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

No Ifs, No Buts, No Education Cuts!

So yesterday, Wednesday 21.11.12, saw thousands of students from all over the country take to the streets and show the Government they won’t just sit back and take what’s being thrown at them.

It was a brilliant day, one I thoroughly enjoyed. The atmosphere was amazing, especially as you walked under the tunnels, though at those points hearing anything other than horns or '”whoooo” was very difficult. And the weather was not going to put anyone off, nor the early starts.
My favourite photos? Here:

(Not all of these are what some might call “photographically correct” however they do show how fast paced a lot of it was and I suppose the style of the event, it was a protest after all)

It made sense to start with a sign that matched my title.
Wooden spoons and metal bowls were used to make even more noise!
MidKent College Students Union were out in force with several officers and students carrying placards. 
A slightly underexposed photo of one of the many homemade signs were out and about throughout the march.
Again, more extra noise. This time so fast my camera caught the motion.
Many placards were left discarded as the march progressed, getting wet in the rain and trampled all over.
NUS were readily prepared with plenty of placards, a lovely photo opportunity for me.
Another placard sums up the discontent with the two-party system in the UK.
As you can see there were plenty of police present at the Demo, to be sure all was safe and well.
Throughout the march people with megaphones were encouraging a variety of chants.
At one point during the march a small group did try to break away from the route as you can see here, however they weren’t successful – thankfully.
Now this is my all time favourite photo from the Demo. I absolutely love this shot.
And sticking with favourites, this was my absolute favourite sign at the Demo.
Slightly underexposed sadly.
The Birmingham Guild of Students made sure they were seen with a HUGE banner. I love the depth of field in this shot, concentrating on the students marching.
It was parliament that caused a lot of debate around the Demo as we turned left when most wanted to go right.
A Student Officer en route.
Many of those marching were stopped and interviewed for different news sources throughout the March as the media covered the protest.
The rain wasn’t enough to put everyone off, and despite this being underexposed I love it.
PCSOs were in Kennington Park watching students in, here stood on the bottom of a statue (just like me taking the shot) to be able to see over.
Sadly towards the end some of the protestors decide to take over the stage pushing through and jumping the barriers. In my opinion they simply made a fool of themselves, they barely achieved anything. And by this point my camera was too cold and wet to focus fully but I don’t think it matters here. Wow, what a ‘caption’.
And this is the state we left the park in, lush.
On another non-protesty note, I’m a bit behind in Blogging due to lack of laptop at the moment, so I have plenty more photos coming up shortly!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Street Photography

As I was wandering around Birmingham on Saturday I thought I'd try my hand at some street photography, shooting off the hip, not looking at what I was snapping at. I never imagined it would be so difficult.

All my images pretty much turned out like this. I'm not liking any of them. I think it's safe to say I need a lot more practice with shooting off the hip. 

It's focusing that seems to be letting me down. Do I focus manually and just hope everybody is at the right distance or do I use autofocus and hope the camera picks up the right things to focus on? Do I stand still or do I carry on walking as I take the image, relying literally just a fast shutter speed to capture it all. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Flat 47

In case you haven't already heard I've started to do a documentary, one I can work on in my spare time. Title, "Flat 47".

I want it to be a black and white documentary, and whilst I've started it on digital a few shots here and there could end up being done in film. Maybe. I can't decide yet. Probably not due to expense though.

Anyway, I started some shooting for it this weekend...

Thursday 8th November.

This was my most successful shot of the night and I'm still not overly fond of it. However it does demonstrate the style I was originally out aiming for. I've since sacked off the square format. 

Saturday 10th November.

I believe this collection of bottles (and cans) has been growing since the start of term and I haven't even captured it all yet.

Family shot? I like this shot. Turns out once you get the hang of a Metz Flashgun they can be quite useful. I'm still practising though.

Something was funny. 

Now this shot would be easy to turn in to a Square format image which I intend to do at a later date. However it isn't one I want to turn Black and White because I love the burst of colour in it. 

Another group image, it's just a shame one person wasn't paying attention.

This project is definitely going to be a long one as it keeps going. And I think it's definitely going to take a while before my camera becomes ignorable. I mean ...

Clearly not appreciated! Sadly the photo didn't turn out or this would be quite a mugshot.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Idea

Today has been a productive one, this morning I was out shooting in Pittville Park with the lovely Ellie Reed-Mumford on a Mamiya camera. I adore shooting film and we saw some really pretty shots, shame we were setting out to shoot portraits and not landscapes. I think we both got at least one landscape though… I shall scan in my shots one day next week and upload.

On another topic though I have decided to set myself a new documentary project, one to do in my spare times and weekends when I’m out and about in Birmingham.

My current project for uni is all about housing and how wealth determines your environment. That’s all outside. What’s inside? Even more interesting what goes on inside four walls when you’ve not long moved in to a new place with people you have never ever met before? Well, my story “Flat 47” should hopefully help me to show you.

I’ve decided to document James Phillips and his flatmates. I think they’ve gotten used to me being around now so they just have to get used to me having my camera glued to my face for a lot of the time. Something I started tonight.

It isn’t exactly a brilliant photo but it’s Black and White and that’s how I’m hoping to style this story. I quite like but not as much as I want to.

My photos should improve later on, as both sides get more used to the idea. The above image is also missing a person. Only four out of the five were in the flat earlier.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Forever an issue with students, transport is. Can't drive, want to drive. Bus is too expensive, trains are too. Walking takes to long.

I have a bike. And my bike is beautiful.

I'll admit it's slightly less appealing having to bike everywhere now that it's getting colder, I'd much rather be in a nice warm car but I love my bike.

It certainly makes it easier to get times and places in line as I can be more flexible with myself, and the lovely cute basket on the front is very handy for holding my Google maps directions in (as demonstrated in the photo). 

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Local Radio is Terrible

So I'm writing this post whilst I listen to BBC Radio Gloucestershire and I can't deny how truly terrible it is. Possibly made worse by the fact that I tuned in they were discussing sniffing sherbet.. We had none of that in Cheshire.

Anyway, last week I paid a visit to Hesters Way photographing for my project. Safe to say that was an experience I won't forget and I'm a little nervous to go back but excited too as I now have a better direction to take it.

This photo needs to be straightened up but I only had time to take this one shot as the person in the float just out of the shot wasn't happy I was taking a photo of the building he was living in.

Demonstrating where businesses are failing.

As this fellow walked past me he stunk of alcohol and this shot I find really interesting as Bargain Booze is situated right next to a help and support centre.

I can't decide whether or not I'm a fan of this shot.